Nordisk webinarutvikling


Fleksibel utdanning Norge er koordinator for et NordPlus-prosjekt som skal arbeide med interaktiv og kollaborativ læring med webinar som verktøy. Organisasjoner og etater som er interessert i å samarbeide med prosjektgruppen for å utvikle egen webinarform, kan melde sin interesse til

Prosjektbeskrivelse nedenfor.

Webinar – for interactive and collaborative learning

Main partner(s): Flexible Education Norway (NO-FuN, University)
  • Slåtto, Torhild (
Other partners: Linnaeus University (SE-LIU, University)
Karlstad University (SE, University)
Niels Brock (DK, Upper secondary school)
IS-NAM ehf (IS-IS-NAM, Private Enterprise)


The aim of the Webinar-ICL project is to investigate ways of developing dynamic, interactive synchronous online events and using them to build online communities. We do this by offering technical and methodological support to a number of partner organisations from different sectors in the Nordic region (eg adult education organisations and centers, local authorities, companies with distributed staff) to help them offer collaborative webinars that will benefit their operations and target audience.

By assisting a variety of organisations in organising interactive webinars we will assemble a number of case studies to be included in a toolkit that will inspire other organisations to use webinars in a more communicative and collaborative manner.