One-pagers share knowledge and inspiration from NVL’s Nordic networks

NVL shares knowledge and results from the work of our Nordic networks through a new dissemination format, called one-pager.

The The "To-do working method"

Knowledge for practitioners in a concise format

Nordic Network for Adult Learning (NVL) regularly publishes reports presenting studies, comparative analyses, recommendations, new solutions and summaries on a wide range of topics within adult learning in the Nordic countries. The reports contain valuable knowledge for practitioners that NVL wants to share with a broader audience. 

The one-pagers communicate, in an easy-to-understand and concise format, the most important and most accessible findings and conclusions from the reports and contain references to the full reports for more information. 

One-pager on the To-do working method

NVL has already published the first one-page on the To-do working method. The method is for practitioners working with co-creation, local commitment and sustainable solutions. 

Read the One-pager her. 

More one-pagers are on the way.