Ord i Nord

Report from a Nordplus Adult Collaboration Project 2013-2015.


The main objective was to exchange good practices and experience new and different approaches to teaching basic skills and ways to support learners with special needs. The intention was to shed light on pedagogic methods in general and to see various ICT-supported solutions already put to practice: 

  •  Speedreading software (Iceland) 
  •  Combating barriers to ICT supported learning and examples of learning relocated to other environments like housing areas (Denmark) 
  •  ICT tools helping students with impaired vision, students with dyslexia, and students with other learning difficulties to benefit from web-based distance learning (Norway) 
  •  Methods to screen students for dyslexia. Developing ICT-backpacks targeted at particular national challenges (Greenland) 
  •  Methods to approach and support students suffering from reading and writing difficulties (Sweden) 

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