Piloting Nordic sustainability education

A Nordic network is piloting a post-qualifying course for adult educators, focusing on sustainability education. The pilot emphasises learning combined with practical action.



How to raise awareness and engage the Nordic population in the need for sustainable development?

A cross sectoral network, with participants from different levels of education and different adult education institutions, has for several years worked with the Nordic Network for Adult Learning (NVL) to answer this question.

The NVL is a body that enables co-operation in the adult education sector in the Nordic region. The objectives of the NVL strive towards promoting lifelong learning by focusing on cross-sectoral cooperation in the priority areas defined by the Nordic Council of Ministers. NVL transmits competence and experiences between the five Nordic countries Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden, and the three autonomous areas: Greenland, Åland Islands and Faroe Islands. The task of the network is to deepen Nordic competence and foster mutual learning.

In this article we present an example of Nordic cross sectoral further adult education in education for sustainable development. We will start by defining sustainable development and outline how education for sustainable development has developed, globally and in Nordic adult education. After that we continue by presenting the background to the example course, its aims, target group, quality assurance, content and future prospects.

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