Podcast: Interview with Ernesto Villalba on validation of prior learning

A conversation with Ernesto Villalba in Berlin, right after the third VPL-Biennale in May 2019.


The VPL-Biennale gathered some 300 participants from 40 countries in Berlin in May 2019 to discuss validation of prior learning. It was the third time the Biennale was organised, and by far the largest so far. This time the organizers focused on producing a Berlin Declaration, developed and approved by all delegates.

There was a palpable feeling of buzz in the air, as it seems the issue of validation is gaining speed and begins to attract an ever wider scope of actors. But why is validation important today? To answer that question, Johanni Larjanko, NVL coordinator in Finland, turn to Ernesto Villalba from Cedefop, who is deeply engaged in the issue.

Listen to the conversation here