Podcast: VPL of transversal skills for all citizens

Interview with Maurice de Greef from the TRANSVAL-EU project


In this podcast, Maurice de Greef explains what transversal skills are, and tells listeners about the TRANSVAL-EU project and why it is important to validate people’s transversal skills.

Podcast: VPL of transversal skills for all citizens

Dr Maurice de Greef is chair-holder of the UNESCO Chair on Adult Education researcher at Vrije University Brussels. He has managed local, regional and European projects in innovating learning environments, strategic policy-making in education and developing strategies for approaching learners. His research focuses on the validation of non-formal and informal learning in The Netherlands. He plays a key role in conducting a survey and consultation round in the TRANSVAL-EU project.

The interviewer in this podcast is Bryndís Skarphéðinsdóttir, NVL coordinator for Iceland.

More about the TRANSVAL-EU project

The TRANSVAL-EU project is a European project, which studies the opportunities and the necessary conditions of VPL of transversal skills for all citizens in the European society.