Post-poster reflections


By: Kari Olstad

FuNKon14 is behind us, and I am already looking forward to FuNKon15, because I really enjoyed this conference a lot!

Ok, admittedly I was more than a little involved in putting the program together, so the excellent talks and presentations came as no surprise.

Still my favourite was the poster session featuring FuN members’ development projects.

The projects were described in text and pictures on the posters, and then we would stroll around, reading and learning, sipping coffee, and asking questions to the poster presenters. Some of the posters had quite a professional lay out and were printed on glossy paper; others were hand-made with glue stick and felt tip pens, and they all told interesting stories.

Just a few years ago, online learning resources and systems were developed for personal computers only, but people today are constantly logged on. To be able to learn on your mobile phone just makes learning more accessible, this again might make more learning happening. How to learn when you have reading challenges or Norwegian just isn’t your first, or even second, language? Breaking down the content into manageable pieces and making it relevant to daily situations is one way. Online learning might not seem like the best option to learn practical skills, but it is absolutely possible with the right learning resources. And why should the quality of your education depend on you living close to a skilled tutor?

The 12 posters presented at the conference addressed these challenges and more. The results we saw will benefit students of different ages, abilities, education levels and life situations. This isn’t enough to save the world –but at least it’s improving it.

And just to emphasize that the future was happening right in our poster room; we had Samsung with Oculus Rift, 3d-nordic printing 3d stuff and prof. Isidro Delgado from the La Salle University letting people play with his gadgets, like Google glasses. Why not have a little FuN while learning?