Progressing towards an upskilled and reskilled Europe, the UP-AEPRO policy recommendations

After an enriching two-year journey that gathered more than 200 practitioners all over Europe, the UP-AEPRO partners are ready to launch the UP-AEPRO policy recommendations.


A condensed version of the policy recommendations is now available in a form of an infographic. Policy recommendations will help policymakers working in adult education to identify the fundamental steps to improve policies and practices on upskilling and reskilling in their countries. They include direct quotations about the concrete experience of the UP-AEPRO project participants.

The recommendations are part of an advocacy toolkit, which will support policymakers, organisations and providers working adult education to implement the Upskilling Pathways initiative (UP) in their countries.

The UP-AEPRO advocacy toolkit consists of a set of good practices and recommendations that could be used to achieve progress in the implementation of the Upskilling Pathways initiative, both at practice and policy levels. 

NVL will inform about the advocacy toolkit on