Revising the 1976 Recommendation on the Development of Adult Education: Comments requested from Member States

The revision of the 1976 Recommendation on the Development of Adult Education, which was requested by the Belém Framework for Action is proceeding as foreseen by UNESCO’s rules and regulations. The new draft prepared with the help of international experts and in consultation with a range of key stakeholders was sent by UNESCO’s Director General to Member States in September 2014, together with a preliminary report on the revision process (see also Bulletin No. 8). To mobilize the relevant authorities in Member States to review and suggest improvements to the first draft text, UNESCO’s Assistant Director General for Education sent a letter to all National Commissions in December 2014. In this, he emphasized that the revision process takes place at a critical moment in the international debate on education and development beyond 2015 and that adult learning and education represents a promising response to the challenge of building more equitable and sustainable societies. Consolidated comments and observations from Member States should reach UIL no later than on 10 January 2015. NB: The first contributions with comments were recently submitted by Côte d’Ivoire, Denmark and Ireland.