Seminar on Basic skills


Place and date:  

ETSC, Skipholti 50b, Friday 31st of August, from 9:30 – 11:30. 

Guests / participants in the Seminar:  

Different stakeholders, connected to ETSC and LLLearning; Representatives from Ministry of Education; Staff from ETSC; and NVL Basic skills network.


Agenda - Seminar: 

Introduction of the NVL network

Representative from Ministry of Education 

The situation in Iceland regarding Basic skills

PIAAC – experience from other Nordic countries 

Why participate in PIAAC study?

How have results been used?

Discussion and questions


KOMPASS – Hanne S. 

Summary from the report

Why was the report written?

How to use it as a follow - up?

Discussion and questions

EU-project – Electronic tools in teaching and learning with emphasis on basic skills – Guðfinna - colleague from LLL center Introduction of the project

Usability (in Icelandic context)

Discussion and questions

Discussion and summary