Sociodynamic Counselling – Crossing Lines, Broadening Minds4th - conference 2006


This fourth Nordic Conference on Sociodynamic Counselling, 17th - 19th of May 2006 in Jyväskylä, Finland, took us back to the roots of sociodynamic counselling; we learnt about current trends and compared different theories with each other without forgetting a practical approach to the matter in hand. The conference was also an opportunity for networking.


NVL interviewed three experienced participants. Grethe Fogh Nielsen, Lecturer, University College, Denmark, Åsa Sundelin, Lecturer, Stockholm Institute of Education, Sweden and Roger Kjaergård, School Counsellor, Holtet Upper Secondary School, Norway.

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Differences and Similarities between Theories
Sociodynamic counselling – Crossing lines, broadening minds
18.5.2006, Anita Keskinen




Different approaches in counselling in Finland
Anita Keskinen 18.5.2006




Back to Basics - A constructivist understanding of counselling
Grethe Fogh Nielsen


Participants of the conference
Participants of the conference