Some examples of adult education of the Setus



Village Association Kodukant training centre
Themes of education: entrepreneurial and community services in South-East Estonia, accounting, creating and assessment of local development plans, village tourism, training study group leaders and local politicians.

Peipsi Centre for Transboundary Cooperation
Themes of education: Environmental protection entrepreneurship, cross-border relations. Peipsi forums. In 2005 the PCTC summer school took place in Setumaa, in Värska. Along with Estonians there were Latvian, Russian, Lithuanian, Ukrainian, Belo-Russian participants.

The Centre for language and culture studies of South-Estonia at Tartu University
Lectures about Setu culture. Setu language courses. 

South-East Estonian Bios  (organic farming)
Organic farming, the trainings for which is funded by Austrian government. (Estonian language only)

Setu Youth Society
Promoting Setu ceramics. The Setumaa development program includes the renovation of an ancient ceramics workshop into a centre for adult education at Kõokivi farm in the Uusvada village.
Tartu, phone +372 5579808


Võrumaa Regional Development Centre
Training in the following areas: entrepreneurship, sawmill skills, social work, catering, machine embroidery, English as a foreign language. (Those who have completed the courses in sawmill skills and social work have found employment in related areas.)
Lembitu 2, 65608 Võru, tel/faks 782 1683, e-post varendus(at)

Development Agency of Võrumaa
Courses offered: founding and maintaining of non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

Võrumaa Centre for Vocational Education
Computer skills, carpentry, welding, farming, farm-tourism, leadership training, pedagogy, adult education, psychology, workers’ rights, foreign languages.

Development Centre of Põlvamaa
Founding and maintaining of non-governmental organizations. (Estonian language only)

Räpina Union of Non-formal Education
How to be successful in the employment market. How to return to the employment market for young mothers. Grandmothers’ study group. (Estonian language only)

Räpina Communal Activity Centre EQUAL
Courses for people with physical or mental disabilities.
Pargi 28, 64505 Räpina. Phone +372 56989574 (Estonian language only)


Union of Setumaa Parishes
Entrepreneurship. Local embroidery traditions. Studies of local life. Union of Setumaa Parishes collaborates with Foundation for Estonian Entrepreneurship.

NGO Setumaa tourism
Tourism development courses.

Setumaa Development Society
Courses in Setu culture.
Pikk 12, 64001 Värska parish, Põlvamaa county

Leader of Piiriveere
In April 2006 the parishes of Setumaa founded the union Leader of Piiriveere in order to collaborate with the EU land and village development program LEADER.
GSM 55 655 172, tel/fax 78 21266, piiriveere(at)

Setu Handicraft Assembly
Learning handicraft skills and marketing of products. Founded in July 2006.,  sigre(at)

Setu Farm Museum
Introducing old Setu customs, lace knitting, exhibitions, courses, folklore concerts. 

Open Youth Centre of Värska
Motor sport, hiking, dance, music, project proposal writing, organization of leisure events, study groups, youth crime intervention.
Pikk 30c, Värska parish  64001, Põlvamaa county

Värska Cultural Centre
Värska is a new centre in Setumaa. The following cultural clubs are active: elderly folklore dance group, women’s folklore dance group, Leelo singing chorus, folklore group, women’s aerobics, women’s ensemble, young women’s folklore ensemble, traditional music ensemble, children’s folklore ensemble. Similar folklore groups are active in all parishes in Setumaa., kultuurikeskus(at)