• integration immigrants |Norden

    Inclusion of refugees through non-formal education 2017: – Nordic best practice

    This project, based on a research study of good cases on inclusion from the Nordic countries, tries to answer the question: What is

  • accreditation of prior learning |Norden

    Validation of prior learning in the Nordic region

    – Connecting People and Policies

  • forskning validering |Norden

    Quality in Validation of Prior Learning

    Results from a research project about a Nordic quality model for validation. The model helps to identify and set focus on strategically import elements and phases in the validation process.

  • competence development |Norden

    Evaluation of transformative learning circles

    The TLC model proves to be an innovative way of organising further training for adult education professionals and shows results that promote entrepreneurship.

  • distance education competence development |Norden

    Silent learners - a guide

    We explored if online learning activities can be organized so that it would make silent learners feel more comfortable and included.

  • sustainable development adult learning |Norden

    Nordisk Bærekraft - Stories from the New Nordic Education for Sustainability

    Stories from the New Nordic Education for Sustainability

  • rural area innovation integration competence development |Norden

    To-Do: A Way of Integrating the Newcomers?

    ”The To-Do methodology has put all local stakeholders at the heart of the development work.”

  • competence development adult education |Norden

    The Adult Educator’s Competences and Competence Development

    This report maps the perceived competence development needs of adult educators and access to common Nordic initiatives within competence development.

  • accreditation of prior learning |Europa

    Validation and the value of competences - Road Map 2018

    The validation network of NVL has compiled the report "Validation and the Value of Competences. Road Map 2018". The report provides a wide overview on current validation issues.

  • vägledning validering |Norden

    Guidance in validation within the Nordic region

    The purpose of the report is to establish a common ground for discussing and developing guidance in validation.