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  • Eyrún Björk Valsdóttir and Fjóla María Lárusdóttir (Photo. Bjorn Garðarsson)
    competence development education policy adult learning |Island

    UP-AEPRO in Iceland

    In a dialogue meeting in Reykjavik, the participants discussed questions related to the European project UP-AEPRO on competence development. More people need upskilling in order to meet new demands. Many need further education to meet new demands resulting from the pandemic and the 4th industrial revolution.

  • competence development trade and industry adult education adult learning |Norden

    Competence development in working life

    Recommendations and reflexions from the social partners

  • basic skills competence development adult learning |Norden

    Basic digital skills for adults in the Nordic countries

    How can we turn challenges into opportunities?

  • competence development languages |Norden

    Description of teachers' competence

    in initial and functional literacy for adults with non-Nordic mother tongues

  • competence development |Finland

    Recognition of skills and competence at the workplace, Finland

    Network on Competence development in and for the workplace organizes a workshop on recognition of skills and competence at the workplace.

  • competence development |Norden

    Evaluation of transformative learning circles

    The TLC model proves to be an innovative way of organising further training for adult education professionals and shows results that promote entrepreneurship.

  • distance education competence development |Norden

    Silent learners - a guide

    We explored if online learning activities can be organized so that it would make silent learners feel more comfortable and included.

  • rural area innovation integration competence development |Norden

    To-Do: A Way of Integrating the Newcomers?

    ”The To-Do methodology has put all local stakeholders at the heart of the development work.”

  • competence development adult learning |Norden

    The aims of the conference

    How do we bring about the best competence development for Nordic adult educators? What competences are needed?

  • competence development adult education |Norden

    The Adult Educator’s Competences and Competence Development

    This report maps the perceived competence development needs of adult educators and access to common Nordic initiatives within competence development.

  • competence development career guidance |Sverige

    Career Management Skills

    Career Management Skills – What – Why – How?. Malmö, November 23-24 2017.

  • basic skills competence development lifelong learning |International

    Webinar with Paul Holdsworth about “The new Skills Agenda for Europe”

    2nd of May 2017, 14:00 (Brussels Time)

  • competence development education policy accreditation of prior learning |Europa

    Everyone will benefit from better validation policies

    Validation of non-formal and informal learning makes our labour markets more resilient and contributes to the integration of migrants and refugees by valuing the prior knowledge and experiences of people.

  • basic skills distance education immigrants competence development adult education |Europa

    Adult learning in the 21st century

    Join the free online course to learn more about adult learning in the 21st century. The course is free of charge and organized by EAEA.

  • AVA
    competence development accreditation of prior learning |Europa

    Towards an action plan for validation

    How can competences acquired in non-formal adult education and by informal learning be measured? Is it possible to make recommendations and an action plan for validation that would be useful in all EU countries?