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  • Elm Magazine
    democracy distance education flexible learning |Norden

    Elm Magazine: Open online education ensures education for all

    Professor Ebba Ossiannilsson, a member of NVL Digital, is interviewed on the topic of open online education in Elm Magazine’s most recent issue.

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    Be Digital to meet the digital divide

    NVL disseminates the results of the Nord Plus Adults Project. Be Digital-Social Media for 50+ is a two-year Baltic-Nordic project supported by the Nord Plus Adult program. The focus of the project was on strengthening the social media skills necessary for older employees to succeed both at work and in everyday life.

  • Digital participation and digital learning
    democracy distance education ICT skills |Norden

    Digital learning and participation

    Highlights from the NVL network Distans and Nordic cooperation on digital technologies and adult learning

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    distance education |Norden

    When does it work – Nordic experiences in distance teaching

    Nordic conference 3 - 4 June 2019 in Copenhagen

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    distance education flexible learning integration |Norden

    Refugees and online education – stepping stones to a new life

    In this webinar, you will meet refugees and teachers who will share their experience of online learning

  • distance education |Island

    Adult learning, rural development and interactive technologies

    On this seminar recent findings on education as support for rural development were presented and reflections made on what makes a silent

  • distance education flexible learning continuing education |Europa

    Webinar about handheld e-learning

    INVITATION to webinar


    Handheld e-learning  


    When: 19 June 2018, 1300-1400 CETS

  • distance education |Norden

    Experiences of using ICT in distance learning in the Nordic countries

    A NVL-Distans Seminar

  • distance education |Island

    How education and research deepen local connections Webinar

    This interactive webinar discussed how distance learning has influenced life in rural areas. Watch how and why educational projects have had an effect on the development of rural development.

  • distance education |Norden

    Webinar: Distance learning in rural areas

    - Is there life after the end of educational projects?
    5.3.2018 13.00 CET

  • Alastair Creelman, svensk Distans-medlem, har vært redaktør av det nye NVL-heftet, Silent learners.
    distance education voksnes læring |Norden

    Må vi være aktive for å lære?

    Ergrer du deg over de som sitter stille og ikke sier noe, eller er du bare glad til så kan du selv få prate mer?

  • distance education competence development |Norden

    Silent learners - a guide

    We explored if online learning activities can be organized so that it would make silent learners feel more comfortable and included.

  • distance education flexible learning |Danmark

    Presence at a Distance: Technologies and Methods for Learner Engagement

    The 2017 AEDL Nordic Conference, 18-19 May 2017 Copenhagen

  • distance education ICT skills |Norden

    Distans webinar: Communities of Practice

    On September 16 2016 the NVL DISTANS network organised a webinar with Tryggvi Thayer who has led a group of university teachers and practitioners in a very successful project to support Icelandic teachers use of ICT in their teaching.

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    Adult learning in the 21st century

    Join the free online course to learn more about adult learning in the 21st century. The course is free of charge and organized by EAEA.

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    Innovation in learning and teaching

    In 2012 the NVL DISTANS network, in cooperation with the NordInfo Group, offered a series of one hour webinars around the theme; Innovation in learning and teaching. We invited experts to introduce innovative ideas and practices in learning and teaching as well as flexible approach to learning.

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    Innovation: Social learning with social media

    During the spring of 2011 Distans offered a series of Webinars on the uses of social media in learning and teaching. These webinars touched on current issues connected to what was going on right then, but many of them have wider connotations, so although some technologies may be well known, ideas about how and why to use them are still relevant.