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  • Webinar: A digital life
    basic skills equal opportunities |Norden

    Webinar: A digital life – opportunities for all and supervising teachers to help colleagues become more digital

    Increased opportunities for people with Intellectual disability - we should all be able to participate in the digital journey.

  • sustainable development equal opportunities motivation |Norden

    Agenda 2030 and SDGs at the local level - a brief start-up guide

    In the Nordic countries, municipalities are the most local form of official public authority with elected politicians.

  • rural area sustainable development equal opportunities |Norden

    Attractive Rural Municipalities in the Nordic countries

    Jobs, People and Reasons for Success from 14 Case Studies. Nordregio (2020)

  • equal opportunities education policy adult education |International

    UNESCO Global Report on Adult Learning and Education (GRALE 4)

    UNESCO report shows that in almost one-third of countries, fewer than 5% of adults aged 15 and above participate in education and learning programmes.

  • equal opportunities drop-outs adult education |Europa

    Webinar: The unreachables in adult education

    9 May 2017 9.30-10.30 CET. This webinar is part of the LEK-project, where NVL is a partner.

  • equal opportunities |Norden

    NVL Podcast

    The Nordic project Empowerment by employment is presented.

  • equal opportunities |Europa

    ELM: Education and gender

    The October theme issue, Education and Gender, is out now!