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    research |Norden

    Webinar 1: Educational Models for Sustainable Lifestyles

    The webinar will present preliminary results from a pilot project about educational models for sustainable lifestyles.

  • research trade and industry |Sverige

    New models for sustainable development lifestyles

    A new pilot project develops an educational model for supporting the development towards the normalization of more sustainable lifestyles.

  • democracy non-formal adult education research accreditation of prior learning |Europa

    Podcast: VPL of transversal skills for all citizens

    Interview with Maurice de Greef from the TRANSVAL-EU project

  • research lifelong learning education policy |Norden

    Embracing a culture of lifelong learning

    The report outlines the main features of the “enabling environment” needed to make lifelong learning the governing principle of education policy and to offer people opportunities to learn throughout life

  • research lifelong learning education policy |Norden

    Further education and training in Denmark, Germany, Finland and Norway

    The current shortage of skilled workers in many European countries, it is only possible harnessing the full potential of the existing labour force by increasing the investment in further education and training.

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    research sustainable development |Norden

    Nordic webinar series on learning for sustainable development

    Webinar No.1: Transformative learning and embodied intelligence as a way to tackle the complexity of sustainable development

  • research quality assurance |Norden

    The new Nordic-Baltic PIAAC website is launched makes results and data from the PIAAC survey accessible for the benefit of researchers and adult educators in the Nordic and Baltic countries.

  • research adult education |Norden

    Putting research into practice: challenges and opportunities in adult education

    Elm Magazine’s autumn issue explores the relationship between research and practice in adult education.

  • Lifelong learning governance in the Nordic countries
    research lifelong learning education policy |Norden

    Lifelong learning governance in the Nordic countries: a comparison Towards a systemic approach

    In recent years, the Nordic countries have taken steps towards lifelong learning governance pursuant to systemic thinking.

  • research integration |Sverige

    New Nordic research and successful models of integration through non-formal adult education

    4 May, Jönköping Sweden.

  • research learning outcomes |Europa

    Validation of Non-formal MOOC-based Learning

    This report presents the outcomes of research, conducted between May 2014 and November 2015, into emerging practices in assessment,

  • research motivation |Færöerne

    Färsaarten toisen asteen opiskelijoille koulupsykologipalveluja

    Färsaarten opetus- ja kulttuuriministeriö on ensi kertaa perustanut nuorten toisen asteen oppilaitoksiin koulupsykologin viran lukuvuodeksi 2015–2016.

  • basic skills research |Norden

    Nordic PIAAC report

    This publication is the product of the Nordic PIAAC Network, consisting of members from all five countries.

  • research |Europa

    Educating for innovative societies

    In the framework of its “Innovation Strategy for Education and Training” project, the OECD Centre for Educational Research and Innovation hosted a conference on Educating for Innovative Societies on 26 April 2012 in Paris, at the Auditorium of the OECD Conference Centre.
    The objectives of the conference were to: