The Nordic Model for Lifelong Learning: a solution to the crisis


Last week, Aarhus University hosted the international conference 'Learning Unlimited'. Participating Asian and European researchers in the field of education discussed the potential of the Nordic model for lifelong learning as a strategy for bringing societies through times of crisis.

Around two hundred researchers and political decisionmakers gathered at the Emdrup campus of Aarhus University last week to participate in the four-day conference, which was hosted by the ASEM Education and Research Hub for Lifelong Learning (the ASEM LLL Hub), an international network of Asian and European higher education institutions to promote research on lifelong learning.

One of the topics explored at the conference was the unique Nordic model for lifelong learning which was highlighted by the Danish Minister of Children and Education Christine Antorini in her opening remarks.


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Source: Aarhus Uniersity, Department of Education