The RENEWAL project: a recap



The RENEWAL project aims to strengthen the European Agenda for Adult Learning in the Southern and Central-Eastern regions, namely where participation in Adult Education is low and there is less infrastructure. After a successful year, the project will come to an end in December 2014.



On the 11th and 12th of December 2014, the representatives from EAEA, AIVD (SK) and KERIGMA (PT) met in Brussels for the last partner meeting of the RENEWAL project. Among the objective of this meeting, partners were evaluating the impact of the project and its potentialities for the future.

Going through the project’s accomplishments, the RENEWAL consortium expressed satisfaction for the results achieved by the project so far. Many are very visible and easily measurable. High numbers of survey respondents, meeting participants and website readers demonstrate that the consortium carried out a successful project dissemination.

The RENEWAL state of the art report was very much appreciated by the EAEA members and already taken in consideration by policy-makers and relevant stakeholders. According to the regional meetings’ evaluation, participants of those events highly valued the opportunity to discuss the Adult Learning Agenda and were enthusiastic about the idea of cooperating regionally for a stronger Adult Education sector in Europe.

Other positive project outcomes were increased opportunities of civil society and Adult Education providers to be involved in the Adult Learning Agenda implementation process or the capability of making the situation of Adult Education at the grassroots level noticeable by national and European policy-makers.



For the above-mentioned reasons, Adult Education providers and civil society representatives believe that the RENEWAL consortium should continue advocating and facilitating regional cooperation after the end of the project’s lifespan. The RENEWAL consortium accepted this mandate and decided that this is what will be done starting from January 2015.

Indeed, two reports, summarising the discussion points of the regional meetings and highlighting the main recommendations of the meeting participants, will be published and intensively promoted by the project consortium. The reports will be available in various languages: English, French, German, Portuguese and Slovak.

Furthermore, EAEA will bring forward the RENEWAL recommendations towards the European Institutions and the EAEA board. Efforts will be undertaken in boosting the regional cooperation already initiated during the last months.

To continue follow the project’s progresses and its next achievements, visit the dedicated website and follow its Facebook page.

Text: Francesca Operti

Photos: Joana Carvalho and Oliver Simko

The RENEWAL project is an accompanying measure funded with the support of the Lifelong Learning Programme.