UIL CONFINTEA Scholarships Support Knowledge Exchange

In September 2014, four education professionals from Asia and Africa spent four weeks conducting research at the UIL Library, as part of the UIL CONFINTEA Scholarship programme. This programme is funded by donations from the Nomura Center for Lifelong Integrated Education in Japan, Professor Peter Jarvis and the publisher Taylor & Francis. The four scholars received technical support from UIL’s Lifelong Learning Policies and Strategies and Adult Learning and Education programmes. The scholars conducted the following research activities:
  • Ms Togtokhmaa Zagir developed the first Bachelor’s degree programme for teachers and facilitators of Community Learning Centres in Mongolia;
  • Mr Yuan Dayong prepared a case study on the Learning City of Beijing;
  • Ms Lily Asamoah drafted the first non-formal education policy for Ghana; and
  • Mr Lourenço Andrade wrote a scholarly article about adult education in Cabo Verde.
Link: General information about the CONFINTEA Scholarships