UIL publishes first two titles in French-language textbook series on African adult education

The UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning (UIL) has published the first two textbooks in its French-language series, “Perspectives Africaines de l’Éducation des Adultes” (APAL). They are entitled Socio-psychologie de l’éducation des adultes en Afrique and Fondements et philosophie de l’éducation des adultes en Afrique. The two teams of authors emphasise the need to abandon models inherited from the colonial period or borrowed from other regions of the world, and to take account of the specific African context: the importance of the group, the role of adult education in Francophone Africa, the incorporation of local traditions and knowledge, and bilingual and multilingual situations. The publications show that this contextualisation is perfectly compatible with the need to adapt to the demands of the global economy. Bringing these factors into the equation will enable Africa to confront new educational challenges such as the democratisation of access to schooling, and to resolve development-related problems. The two textbooks seek to develop tools and approaches that will make adult learning more effective. They represent a valuable contribution to the debate on adult education, whose crucial importance has still to be fully recognised in French-speaking Africa. Download:
  • Fondements et philosophie de l’éducation des adultes en Afrique
    (PDF, 2,2 MB)
  • Socio-psychologie de l’éducation des adultes en Afrique
    (PDF, 2 MB)