Upgrading democracy for the internet era

Pia Mancini wants to upgrade democracy for the internet era. She is one of the initiators and inventors of "DemocracyOS", a software tool for collaborative desicion making, presented in this webinar.


Pia Mancini is one of the initiators and inventors of "DemocracyOS", a software tool for collaborative desicion making. In the presentation of their tool, they state the following: "The internet has changed everything: the way we share and consume culture, how we engage in commerce, and how we communicate with others. But the internet has failed to change in one key area of our lives: politics. Democracy is in great need of a serious upgrade." What do they mean by that - and what experiences did they make along the way? NVL Distans and the Nordplus project "Dldact" currrently working with the topic "Learning, social- and digital media and democracy", invited Pia Mancini to present DemocracyOS in a webinar.

You can watch the recording of the whole webinar here. 

DemocracyOS is a combination of a top-down and a bottom-up approach to improving democracy through making people more engaged in desicionmaking. Within a couple of weeks DemocracyOS will launch an improved tool where you without any specific programming skills, will be able to make your own platform for collaborative decisionmaking - to use in your organisation, political party or local community. 

Learn more about DemocracyOS on their website here 
Check out the demo version of DemocracyOS here