Value of Work


Value of Work

Validating competencies in the workplace (VOW)

(Leonardo da Vinci, 2005-2007)

promoted lifelong learning for low-educated women in banking sector and contributed to making informal workplace-based learning more visible.

Why best practice?

The project has made a difference in the lives of the target group, women in the banking sector. There is a posotive impact at the professional and personal levels. VOW has:
• improved the labour market value and employability of the target group,
• found a way to reach the non-traditional learners and to address their learning needs, 
• developed a learning approach that has helped the target group to break the barriers to their participation in lifelong learning
• helped to build learning motivation as well as motivation for further professional development even after the project.

The strength of the project lies in succeeding to strengthen womens’ professional identity as well as ensuring strong personal gains. The new engagement in lifelong learning, has resulted in better coping skills, improved self-esteem and feeling of greater control over their lives.

The project has increased the awareness of the significance of a workplace as a learning arena and contributing to improving the image of the target group in the eyes of the employer in the banking sector. These results have a high transferability value to other sectors and target groups. The broadly inclusive methodology applied in the skills validation process could as such have a high transfer value, also to countries using more institutional approach in the validation process. 

Ingibjörg E. Guðmundsdóttir: "It's important that the companies see what competences they have among the low-educated staff."

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Ingibjörg E. Guðmundsdóttir

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Handbook of methods and tools for validating skills at work-place


Handbook of competence standards

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