Webinar: Competences, administrative obstacles and working life

Inspiration from Finland


Upskilling pathways - how to go from practice to policy?

- The webinar will inspire participants with new approaches for assessing skills, tailoring courses to learners’ needs and validating prior learning. 

- The focus is on the target group – adults with low basic skills.

- The webinar will discuss how to support the target in making their skills and competences visible and proceed towards further learning, work and engagement into society.

Who should attend?

The webinar is targeted at adult educators, course providers and planers, and decision makers who would like to deepen their understanding of the UP initiative and get inspired by good practices in teaching basic skills.

The webinar will present good practices of skills development in the UP-AEPRO-partner countries (Belgium, Finland, Iceland, Portugal, Sweden and the UK). Participants are invited to share their experiences and discuss the challenges and further needs concerning implementation of this European initiative in their country.

About Upskilling Pathways 

Upskilling Pathways is a European strategy aimed at strengthening learning provision for adults with low basic skills. The webinars are connected to the three steps of the Upskilling Pathways (UP) initiative:

1) Skills assessment

2) Tailor-made learning offer

3) Validation and recognition of skills. 

Webinar's topic

A presentation on how Finland through the reform of the Vocational Training Act deals with future competence needs. The outset is the thought that as we cannot really predict the competences needed in the future, we are focusing on giving LLL skills to everyone”. The second part of the presentation takes a closer look at how the system tries to cope with adults that have low basic skills and at the same time are motivated and forwarded to secondary level vocational training, but lacks the prerequisites to fully benefit from the training. 

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Erno Hyvönen, Project Coordinator Upskilling Pathways Finland, Finnish Ministry of Education. Erno represents policy making and is really involved in UP work in Finland. He focuses very strongly on low skilled adults and how VET and tailor made offers can support this group towards entering the labour market. He is an expert on flexible learning in VET in Finland. In this context VET has many target groups: young people, adults and people in working life who need upskilling or reskilling, unemployed.


The UP-AEPRO project (2018–2020) addresses the need of adult education trainers and policymakers to learn more about European policies and other countries’ practises and innovations in adult learning, in order to succeed better in reaching adults with low basic skills and implementing the Upskilling Pathways initiative in their country.

This seminar is the first seminar of a series of seminars on the topic "Upskilling pathways - how to go from practice to policy?". Follow the updates about all the webinars here.