Webinar: Make Adult Education visible!

Learn how to make adult education relevant and visible in mainstream media.


NVL orgainsed the 3rd and final LEK project webinar on June 4 at 13.00 CET

The webinar:

  • Highlighted learning examples from the LEK-project curriculum testing;
  • Shared ideas and experience of adult educators reaching out to mainstream media;
  • Strengthened the LEK-project community and enlarged the network

This webinar followed up on the two previous LEK webinars ”The power of communication - why adult educators need to communicate more and better” and “The unreachable in adult education”. LEK project webinars have raised awareness among adult educators about the information landscape of today and the need to reach a broader public. They have also looked at new and innovative ways of reaching vulnerable adults for engaging them into adult learning. The webinars have created a learning community of adult educators involved in the LEK project. The 3rd webinar has the potential to consolidate this community, to increase ownership of the LEK-project curriculum and webinar methodology among the partners, in their organisations and networks.

The webinar was free of charge