Webinar on open democracy

NVL Distans is about to explore the topic “Social and digital media, democracy and learning”. You are now invited to join us in this webinar on “Open democracy” with Antti Poikola. At: Wednesday December 4th at 14.00 – 15.00 CET


Transparency, participation and collaboration: Countries around the world are unlocking their data to enable new ways for citizens to understand and participate in official decision-making processes. Different methods, both physical and web based, from participatory budgeting to participatory urban planning are developed in order to engage people more. Some experiments have been more successful than others. In worst case participation may create pseudo democracy without any real impact on the outcomes. In best cases the participation leads to better decisions.

The webinar is based on case studies about physical and digital participation in Finland. We will discuss around the basic question like: What is active citizenship? When and why people participate? What kind of skills and experiences pave the way for better democracy?

About Antti Poikola:
Antti Poikola works as a community coordinator for the Open Knowledge Finland network as part of his day job at Otavan Opisto (Open Networks foe Learning project AVO2 2012-2013). His expertise is in developing solutions for the open collaboration between citizens and the public sector organizations. Poikola is active in e-Participation- and Open Data movements in Finland and Europe. about.me/apoikola

The webinar is free, but we need to register all participants. Registration here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/opendemocracy before December 2nd
The webinar takes place in Adobe Connect. No installation needed – just click the link to join. For more information about how it works, click here: http://oersverige.se/taking-part-in-a-webinar/