Webinar with Pia Mancini: How to upgrade democracy for the Internet era.?


Webinar: How to upgrade democracy for the Internet era...
…with Pia Mancini: Presentation and discussion

Wednesday February 18th at 16.30 CET - 17.30 CET

The Nordic network «NVL Distans» together with the project «Dldact» would like to invite you to join this exciting webinar on democracy in the Internet era. According to the network behind the tool Democracy OS “The internet has changed everything: the way we share and consume culture, how we engage in commerce, and how we communicate with others. But the internet has failed to change in one key area of our lives: politics. Democracy is in great need of a serious upgrade.

Pia Mancini (foto fra twitter)In the webinar Pia Mancini will present the case for using the Internet for involving citizens in democratic decision making, and the tool: Democracy OS.  “…a user-friendly, open-source, vote and debate tool, crafted for parliaments, parties and decision-making institutions that will allow citizens to get informed, join the conversation and vote on topics, just how they want their representatives to vote. A tool that will transform the noise we create during protests into a signal that has a clear, direct and strong impact on the political system. Our vision is that DemocracyOS will become the operating system of a more open and participatory government.”

Practical details:
The webinar is FREE, but we require a registration for your participation. Please register here – and we will send you a link to the meeting room on the day of the webinar.

In the webinar, Pia Mancini will give a presentation, and there will be plenty of opportunity to comment and ask questions in the chat. Such active participation is completely voluntary, but always highly appreciated.

More info on DemocracyOS:

More about Democracy OS here: http://democracyos.org/

A TED-talk by Pia Mancini here: How to upgrade democracy for the Internet era ...