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  • opitun tunnustaminen |Finland

    Oletko eksyksissä osaamisen tunnistamisen ja tunnustamisen vesillä?

    Suomen NVL:n validointiverkosto järjesti 29.5. klo 10.00 webinaarin, joka avasi EU-tason kehitystä osaamisen tunnistamisesta ja tunnustamisesta.

  • lifelong learning adult education |Europa

    Webinar: Make Adult Education visible!

    Learn how to make adult education relevant and visible in mainstream media.

  • distance education |Island

    How education and research deepen local connections Webinar

    This interactive webinar discussed how distance learning has influenced life in rural areas. Watch how and why educational projects have had an effect on the development of rural development.

  • distance education |Norden

    Webinar: Distance learning in rural areas

    - Is there life after the end of educational projects?
    5.3.2018 13.00 CET

  • integration flexible learning |Europa

    Webinar: Language learning apps & MOOCs for refugees

    25 October 2017

  • flexible learning |Norden

    2017 Open education for refugees – Optimizing diversity through MOOCs

    Webinar Wednesday 19 April 2017, 15.00-16.00 CET

  • ICT skills |Norden

    Webinar: The power of silent learners in a group

    Have the courage to speak softly, to be yourself a silent learner. Diversity matters.

  • distance education flexible learning |Danmark

    Presence at a Distance: Technologies and Methods for Learner Engagement

    The 2017 AEDL Nordic Conference, 18-19 May 2017 Copenhagen

  • flexible learning |

    Virtual mobility webinar


  • distance education ICT skills |Norden

    Distans webinar: Communities of Practice

    On September 16 2016 the NVL DISTANS network organised a webinar with Tryggvi Thayer who has led a group of university teachers and practitioners in a very successful project to support Icelandic teachers use of ICT in their teaching.

  • adult learning learning outcomes |Norden

    Online Guidance for Invisible and Silent learners

    - Skills of a Detective Required?
    The webinar took place on 18 May at 14:00 CET.
    There are most often both active and silent learners in every classroom. Online learning doesn’t make an exception. Anyway, when talking about silent learners online the situation is quite much different from face to face.

  • ICT skills learning outcomes |Europa

    Open Badges as a validation tool

    We learn everyday, all the time. We can’t help ourselves, it is in our nature. In adult education we separate between formal, non-formal and informal learning. All of us use all three forms. For some reason the learning that takes place in a formal setting has come to be seen as the ”best” form of learning. It is institutionalised and provides the learner with grades or other credentials/certifications at the end of the learning period.

  • learning outcomes adult learning |Europa

    Future learning and technology

    Can you imagine a future in which machines can learn? What could it look like? Are machines going to learn with us, are they going to teach us, will they even need us?

  • distansutbildning |island

    Upgrading democracy for the internet era

    Pia Mancini wants to upgrade democracy for the internet era. She is one of the initiators and inventors of "DemocracyOS", a software tool for collaborative desicion making, presented in this webinar.

  • distansutbildning |Sverige

    Digidel - en svensk suksesshistorie

    Sverige har satset friskt på å få med alle generasjoner inn i den digitale hverdagen. Gjennom kampanjen Digidel i 2011-2013 nådde de ut med digital basiskompetanse til en halv million svensker. Det var en massiv, treårig innsats for å demme opp for det voksende digitale skillet.

  • distansutbildning |

    Webinar: YESGreenland

    - We needed to create an unconventional school, says Inaluk Brandt. She is one of the creators behind YES!Greenland, and in this webinar she presents the key ideas, the skills you acquire and the advantages of cocreation.

  • distansutbildning |

    Kompetensforsörjning for framtidens arbetsliv

    Ingegerd Green innleder på temaet «Kompetensförsörjning för ett hållbart och konkurrenskraftigt arbetsliv». Dette er webinar #3 i oppkjøringen til "Nordiske broer for livslang læring" og handler om broen mellom utdanning og arbeidsliv. Hvordan sikre framtidas konkurransekraft?

  • distansutbildning |

    Webinar: Creativity as a learning tool – an introduction to Biophilia

    The Icelandic artist Björk, is the inspiration behind a new, innovative educational Program, Biophilia. It is based on a concept of creativity as a research and learning tool.

  • distansutbildning |

    Participation live

    Can we improve democracy through live participation online? February 26th 2014 NVL Distans hosted a webinar on this subject.

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    Holdbar omstilling i en uforudsigelig verden

    Jeppe Læssøe, Professor ved Institut for Uddannelse og Pædagogik (DPU) ved Aarhus Universitet holder oplæg: De nordiske samfund har i årtier opbygget og fastholdt en høj velfærd blandt andet på grund af deres dynamiske og innovative kapacitet.

  • Jochen Höfferer broadcasts live and interactively  the meetings of the city council in Salzburg, Austria.
    distansutbildning |Europa

    Participation live

    Can we improve democracy through live participation online? Join NVL Distans webinar with experts from two continents on video conference systems and live streaming! Wednesday February 26th at 15.00 CET.

  • distansutbildning |

    "Digidel" a Swedish success story

    January 27th at 13.00 CET, NVL Distans invites you to join our webinar about Digidel - a Swedish campaign to increase digital inclusion. Christine Cars-Ingels was the office secretary of Digidel, will present the experiences of the campaign and the present statistics of Internet use in Sweden.

  • |

    Rural Development Final report

    Webinar 11. April 2013

  • distance education innovation |

    Innovation in learning and teaching

    In 2012 the NVL DISTANS network, in cooperation with the NordInfo Group, offered a series of one hour webinars around the theme; Innovation in learning and teaching. We invited experts to introduce innovative ideas and practices in learning and teaching as well as flexible approach to learning.

  • ICT skills distance education |

    Innovation: Social learning with social media

    During the spring of 2011 Distans offered a series of Webinars on the uses of social media in learning and teaching. These webinars touched on current issues connected to what was going on right then, but many of them have wider connotations, so although some technologies may be well known, ideas about how and why to use them are still relevant.