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Workshop in Reykjavik 10 October 2019. The Future of Education for all.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:

In 2015, world leaders agreed to 17 goals for a better world. These goals have the power to end poverty, fight inequality and stop climate change. It is up to us to build a better future for everyone.

In this workshop we want to hear your opinion on how to change things. We will focus on World goal 4.7 and work on Nordic solutions to make these aspirations part of our daily lives.


By 2030, ensure that all learners acquire the knowledge and skills needed to promote sustainable development, including, among others, through education for sustainable development and sustainable lifestyles, human rights, gender equality, promotion of a culture of peace and non-violence, global citizenship and appreciation of cultural diversity and of culture's contribution to sustainable development.

The workshop will actively involve all participants. Together we will share our vision for education in the future to policy makers and practitioners. Tell them how we can educate for sustainable development and global citizenship.

The themes preliminary defined are based on UN world goal 4,7:

  • Sustainability
  • Global Citizenship
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Learning for the future

October 10 from 10:00-17:00 in Reykjavik City Theatre and study visit to CCP Reykjavik . CCP is one of the biggest company in Iceland and a leading independent game developer such as in EVEOnline. They will show us their virtual democratic communities and knowledge-based work environment.

Who can apply to participate

Young adults (age 18-30). We seek those who choose to do things in a different and untraditional way. Those that have participated or are participating in all kinds of learning, informal and formal learning, young entrepreneurs, active or not active on the labour market.

The seminar will be in English, Icelandic and other Scandinavian languages. Spoken English is an important skill for participation.

The workshop is supported by the Nordic Council of Ministers. The participation is free of charge, and there is a possibility to apply for the travel support. Please, contact if you need support.

The conference can have a maximum of 60 participants.

10:00 Bus to CCP from Hotel Klettur

10:30-12:00 Visit at CCP

12:00 Lunch in Reykjavik City Theater

13:00 Workshop Kick off – Minister of Education, Lilja Dögg Alfreðsdóttir. Tryggvi Thayer, University of Iceland

13:15 -14:45 Workshop Round 1

14:45 Break and mingle

15:00 – 16:30 Workshop Round 2

16:30 -17:00 Feedback and mingle

Host Guðmundur Felixson, Actor, Reykjavik City Theater

Parallella program


In‐service training for LESLLA teachers: Key findings of a Finnish project (Celsius)


Mooc: Nya möjligheter för alfabetiseringsundervisning


Reading to Learn ‐method for LESLLA learners (Kullager)


Enhancing participation through translanguaging (Skiftnyckel)


Les 2 / Lue! Tools for literacy (Tetra)


Alfagodigital (Kullager)


Digitala resurser för litteracitetsundervisning (Celsius)





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