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Regional development i Island

Regional development i Island

Regional development i Island

Regional development i Island

New Paths, an educational project in Hornafjordur

Response to a call for projects suitable to meet the consequences of the downswing of fishing and fish processing in sparsely populated areas in Iceland.

The project included following actions

Individual and group counselling interventions where study and career counsellors visited workers in their work place.
Counselling used as a method for needs analysis
Marketing of courses deemed useful for target group after needs analysis
Creation of new courses on relevant subjects, namely food processing and Innovation and how to start a new business

A Stronger Community

The European project „Breytum byggð (Learning Community)“, that took place in Hofsós during the years 2001-2003 was a model for the project, that was named A Stronger community. The idea of the project, as in Hofsós, was to offer residents of a community where traditional industries suffered, an opportunity to deal with changes by strengthening morale in the community, the residents’ self-esteem and cohesiveness.
The emphasis is on building a positive attitude towards changes and the development of the economy. The goal of the project is also to help people to see opportunities in new industries such as tourism. It was also underlined that the study environment should be interesting and adapted to the needs of adult learners, regardless of their age, gender or residence.

First reaction; Sudurnes

For over 50 years NATO had a military base on Suðurnes manned by American soldiers. They formed a community with a population of 5.000 inhabitants and in addition more than 1000 Icelanders worked there. It is probable that a number of derivative jobs were created in connection with the base. In the year 2006 the base was closed, but there had been cut-backs ever since 2003 and as a consequence, over the following three years one thousand Icelanders lost their jobs.

When the defence force left hundreds lost their jobs and out of that number approximately 700 lived in Sudurnes. During that period unemployment in Iceland was low and therefore it was relatively easy to get a job. The unemployment rate was however highest in the area of Sudurnes and not all of those who lost their jobs were able to find another. This resulted in a considerable rise in the unemployment rate and it became necessary to take action.

Nyeste artikler fra NVL

Godkjent utdanning fra utlandet et stort pluss i jobbsøknaden



10 min.

Den som vil etablere seg i Norge med utdanning fra et annet land, kan få godkjent utdanningen sin og jamført den med norsk utdanning. Dermed stiller en gjerne sterkere i en jobbsøknad. Med vitnemål og full dokumentasjon er saken grei. Dersom dokumentasjonen er mangelfull, blir det en tyngre prosess, men det kan fortsatt være mulig.

ChatGPT kan bygge bro mellem ordblinde og undervisning



12 min.

Ordblinde og andre, der har udfordringer med bogstaver, har med generativ AI som ChatGPT fået nye muligheder for at udtrykke sig og læse svære tekster, fortæller lærer og ekspert.

Simon Dahlgren ja Olof Gränström ovat puhujina Skellefteån konferenssissa.



9 min.

Missið ekki af ráðstefnunni “Taking great strides towards sustainable competence” 11.-12. apríl í Skellefteå þar sem fyrirlesarar eins og Olof Gränström og Simon Dahlgren miðla reynslu sinni við að meta gögn til þess að skilja breytingar á samfélaginu og aðlaga nám að þörfum fyrirtækja.

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