After-work meeting Unesco


UIL 4th Global Report on Adult Learning and Education

Start: 13-05-2020 15:45

Slut:    13-05-2020 17:00

After-work meeting Unesco, UIL 4th Global Report on Adult Learning and Education We are priviliged to have the opportunity to get a presentation and discussion of the findings in

4th Global Report on Adult Learning and Education (4th GRALE) Launched December 2019

The Global Report is issued by UNESCO once every three years/ by Mr Raul Valdes Cotera from Lifelong Learning Policies and Strategies Programme at UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning (UIL).

Mr Raul Valdes Cotera is also team leader responsible for the Learning Cities programme and the Global Network of Learning Cities at UIL.

In the discussion we hope to trigger important discussions in the field of ALE and towards next CONFINTEA VII: Adult learning and education and the 2030 Agenda

Date and time

May 13. 2020
15:45 - 17:00


HF&VUC Odense
Kottesgade 6
5000 Odense


Free of charge

The after-work meeting /after-conference is arranged by "Voksenpædagogisk Forum" which is a cross sectoral network.Both practitioners, researchers, educational policymakers, municipalities, social partners, tradeunions are represented in the forum for discussions on adult education and learning."Voksenpædagogisk forum" conduct yearly two main activities - an autumn seminar for a smaller group of stakeholders and a spring conference for all people who might be interested. The forum is a flexible organised and pt. coordinated by Nordic Network for Adult Learning, NVL.