Annual network meeting for alumni network 2018

Dear network, firends and partners, we invite you to our annual network meeting in Copenhagen!



You can all attend the conference “Transforming for Sustainability” that already starts on wednsday.

See the program and register by your own.
(The registration deadline for the conference is 24/10/18)

NVL network agenda

Wednesday 28 November 18.00 — xx: 
Social get together in the evening for those who arrive in time and attended the first conference day.

Thursday 29 November 9:00–17:00: 
Participation in conference “Transforming for Sustainability” Hosted by UN City Copenhagen and Roskilde University. Target audience: National and international researchers, foundations, private and public organizations at FN Byen — UN City Copenhagen.
18.00 — xx: social get together in the evening.

Friday 30 November 9:00–12:00:
Annual alumni network meeting with focus on updates on your projects. Share stories, dilemmas, ideas and inspiration from each other and future arrow 2018–2021.
See the arrow from last year meeting here.

Our location will be available until 17.00 to continue group meetings.

Our network meeting address is Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke and you can reserve a room in their Globalhagen Hostel.

Book the dates and keep updated!

We are looking forward to seeing you.

The coordination group *