Digital learning and participation

Highlights from the NVL network Distans and Nordic cooperation on digital technologies and adult learning

Digital participation and digital learning Digital participation and digital learning

The network has been an ambassador for digital learning and participation. Distans has contributed with learning examples, surveys and method collections on how learning content and technology can be combined in learning models. The network has focused on learning for digital participation and social media as a tool for participation. Distans webinars have featured valuable contributions from digital activists from the Nordic region and beyond. The network has studied the motivation of learners to take part in an online course and to ways of supporting learners who are not so visible or active in the learning environment. Distans has developed guidelines for creating more engaging and inclusive online meetings. The network has also contributed to opening up new opportunities for learning, and thus raising the level of education in remote areas of the Nordic region.

The most important results are shared with you in this infographic.

NVL:s network Distance has been active 2006-2019. The network promoted the use of ICT methods and tools in adult learning, enriching adult learning with interactive and creative technologies. The network created Nordic meeting places and facilitated the exchange of experience among organizations, projects, decision makers and networks.

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