E-tools and validation

by Håkon Grunnet, consultant and Anne-Marie Daler Larsen, assistant lecturer at the National Knowledge Centre for Validation of Prior Learning (NVR), Denmark, 2010 Electronic tools often occur in the context of valuation and recognition of real competencies / validation processes. Nordic Network for Adult Learning (NVL) has through the Nordic Council of Ministers received funding to conduct a survey on a range of electronic tools used at the work with valuation and recognition of real competencies. This report presents five mutually different e-tools that were examined. To use only e-tools to achieve a score and recognition of real competencies / validation process of high quality is not enough. There are no such technical or electronic shortcuts. Appreciation and recognition of real skills requires professional counselors and experts, but the e-tools can be an excellent tool in the process, the researchers note.

Report (pdf)

The report is also available in Danish.