"It's not what I know that will help me but what I can do with it."



Interview with OECD expert and PIAAC coordinator Andreas Schleicher

The value of formal qualifications throughout our lifetime has not been stable for a long time. The changing employment market requires each individual to have the appropriate skills. Formal qualifications only illustrate part of what we know, what we can do and how we use cognitive, emotional and social skills - in short "competences". The OECD has therefore developed PIAAC (Programme for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies) as a tool to measure the competencies of adults. In an interview with Andreas Schleicher, the PIAAC coordinator at the OECD, the German-language online journal "Magazin erwachsenenbildung.at" explores why the results of PIAAC have generated so little response as regards education policy in some countries like Austria for example. The full interview will be published in German on 22 October at www.erwachsenenbildung.at/magazin. The questions were compiled by Elke Gruber, Professor for Adult and Vocational Education at the University of Klagenfurt in Austria.