Key-note: - Guðrún Jónsdóttir Bachmann


is the Manager of Public Science Communication Programmes at the University of Iceland (UI). She has a MSc degree in Science Communication from UWE in Bristol, UK.

Gudrun´s main projects at UI include outreach programmes such as the University of the Young, a annual summer school, and The University Train which tours Iceland with a lively, colourful science crew. One of her recent projects is The University Science Workshop, a small scale Science Centre. Gudrun supervises the participation of UI in public events such as The EC Researchers´ Night, Reykjavik Cultural night and The Childrens‘ Festival. She is National Organizer for the European Contest for Young Scientists.

Since 2011, Guðrún has been responsible for The University of Icelands´part in the Biophilia musical workshops and educational program, and has taken active part in their developments. 

Biophilia is a large-scale experimental teaching project that builds on extensive participation by academics, scientists, artists, teachers, and students. It is based on creativity as a teaching and research method, where  natural sciences, music and technology are linked together in an innovative way. The Biophilia Education Project has mainly been used to teach and inspire children but the time has come to explore if and in what way Biophilia could benefit adult learning.