Learning for Everyone in a Digital Society

NVL presents a new discussion paper on digitalization and learning in a lifelong perspective.


How can we enable learning for everyone in a digital society based on democratic and inclusive Nordic values? This is the main question that NVL’s new discussion paper focuses on. 

The discussion paper:

- presents a mapping of Nordic visions, strategies and efforts within digitalization.

- discusses different national strategies for digitalization.

- suggests a process model for initiating the work on the challenge of enabling learning for everyone on a digital society. 

Main recommendations

The issue of digitalization and learning in a lifelong perspective needs to be discussed and developed in all the Nordic countries and self-governed areas. A wide range of stakeholders should be invited to work sessions in conferences, seminars or other types of consultations where the main theme is addressed through the question “How can we enable learning for everyone in a digital society based on democratic and inclusive Nordic values?” Based on these results common Nordic challenges/problems/possible focus areas can be extracted.

The work should be organized according to a four-phase model, where the mentioned work sessions with discussions and exchange of experience is the first phase of the work, the Problem identification phase. The next phase is Developing solutions, which means working with the material from the first phase to find solutions. In the third phase, the Intervention phase, the solutions will be tested. The fourth phase is the Evaluation phase. 

About the discussion paper

Digitalization and digital integration of the Nordic region is a priority area in the Nordic co-operation, as expressed in the Presidency Programs over several years. In 2019, NVL decided to make a new effort in this area in line with Nordic strategies. A working group was established to analyse the current situation and policies, and make specific proposals for NVL’s future efforts in the field of digitalization and lifelong learning. 

Contact the working group

The report is public and you are invited to distribute and discuss it. You are also welcome to send us your comments, thoughts and ideas.

For further information, or to comment, please contact Johanni Larjanko, johanni.larjanko@bildningsalliansen.fi.