Lev Vigotsky – Mozart of psychology, stepchild of adult learning


The work of Lev Vigotsky seems to have a great scientific legacy and relevant contribution to adult learning, but he is still unknown and neglected even among those who work and conduct research in the field of developmental and educational psychology. What are the reasons for that "lack of scientific memory" and should we „re-invent“ Lev Vigotsky?

Lev VigotskyLev Semyonovich Vygotsky (Лев Семёнович Выго́тский) was born in 1896 in Russian empire. His name and works were banned in the Soviet Union for over 20 years, till the death of Stalin. He wrote in Russian language and was almost unknown to the Western world till 70’s, but even than many translations of his works were wrong, misleading or even doubted over their originality. These are the some of the reasons for his late „appearance“ on the scientific stage. One more reason can be found in the fact that Jean Piaget, (famous Swiss developmental psychologist and philosopher, born in the same year as Vigotsky) had enormous impact with his theory of cognitive development.