Nordic conference 4.4.2005

Adult learning – validation of learning The launching conference of the Nordic Network for Adult Learning (NVL), 4 April 2005 at LO-skolen, Helsingør, Denmark

Adult learning calls for cooperation between liberal adult education, adult education and working life

– The Nordic Network for Adult Learning (NVL) should function as a glue which binds together all the people interested in adult learning, stated Margrethe Steen Hernes, Senior Adviser at the Nordic Council of Ministers. Together with Peter Høier, Director at the Danish Ministry of Education, she opened the conference held in Helsingør, Denmark, at the beginning of April.
Peter Høier and Margrethe Steen Hernes
Peter Høier and Margrethe Steen Hernes

Peter Høier, who is the chairperson of the Steering Group for Adult Learning (SVL), stressed the importance of continuity.
– The activities must not be dropped after the start-up phase, he emphasised.
Among other things, Høier spoke of the need, induced by globalisation, to ensure a skilled workforce in order to prevent a massive loss of jobs from the Nordic countries.
– We in the NVL must see to it that a marginal group, a ”surplus group”, is not created. This is why we must invest resources in adult continuing education. The idea of the new network is to work together more dynamically than before and to learn from each other, he concluded.

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