People with dyslexia



(this example is linked to the example from Iceland on people with little formal education). / Särskilda målgrupper

Speaker: Iðunn Kjartansdóttir, Counsellor of IDAN

The role of IDAN - Vocational Education and Training Center is to improve the capabilities of companies and employees in the food and culinary brances, printing and media branches, automotive industries, building and construction branches, metal and machinery branches and industries. IDAN is owned by the Unions of Icelandic skilled Workers and Federations of Icelandic Industries.

Counceling at IDAN
The role of the counceling department at IDAN is to guide individuals with formal education in the branches and industry with their life long learning as well as reach out to individuals with non-formal education and validate their skills and competence. The department is also providing counceling to students during their formal education.

People with dyslexia that go through validation in the trades
Validation in the trades has been processed since beginning of 2007 and is still going strong. Validation projects in Iceland (in this case certified trades) are organized in a away where groups are formed around a validation process in a specific field. The group is a mixture of experienced workers, where some have dyslexia/learning difficulties while others do not. In each project there is usually a number of participants who have dyslexia. Those who have problems with reading have often dropped out of the formal school system at some point in time and their experience is that “the system” failed them. They main focus was to see if validation of their real competence and support from the counselors would give them positive feedback and encourage them to finish their formal education in their trades. It has been evident that the group support has been important as a motivational factor for the group with dyslexia as well as the work with the counselors. And the result has been that majority of the group has gone back to school and are aiming towards finishing their journeymens examination. We were happy to see that one of the colleges that provides education for the certified trades has refocused their teaching approaches towards the validation groups and offer learning approaches that suites adults learners and learners with learning disabilities. Our conclusion is that validation in mixed groups can encourage people to finish their formal education with the motivation from the group and professional guidance.