Piloting the Further Qualification for Logistics and Messaging Services



(including the validation procedures against the standards of the qualification)

The Post of Finland initiated a development process for Further Qualification in Logistics and Messaging Services for adults who have been working and have experience in the field of logistics and messaging services. Many of their staff had no qualifications, but a lot of experience. Gaining a Further Qualification entails validation in the Finnish system.

The intention of the development process was to
• pilot a new Further Qualification in Logistics and Messaging Services
• pilot the validation procedures embedded in acquiring the qualification
• improve the employees’ capabilities of making their competences visible and formally recognized
• improve the companies’ capabilities of maximizing the competence potential of their employees

NB! At the moment ca 160 individuals have gained the Further Qualification.

Main benefits for employees / candidates:
• Empowered individuals
• More opportunities to climb up the company ladder and earn more
• Better opportunities to get employment from another employer
• Competences made visible for the company HR reps => promotions; competences fit for purpose (change of work profile in the company)

Main benefits for company:
• More competent staff, competences made visible => possibility to maximize the potential of staff
• New perspectives on company standards and procedures

The main learning points in the process were that
• validation and making person’s competences visible is empowering and motivates people
• possibility to combine work and learning is motivating, rewarding and flexible
• precision training for the company assessors assured the quality of the assessments 
• flexible timeframe to finish the qualification depending on the validation results, personal life or work situation provides a customer centred approach
• candidates were promoted or changed jobs / tasks surprisingly quickly, even during the process.

What experience could be transferable? How could the process experience inspire other organizations / countries?
• Close co-operation with working life, authorities and education throughout the process of developing a competence based qualification and the process of gaining the qualification is of great importance
• Work life assessors and assessor training is of utmost importance to maintain the quality of the process (in addition to professional assessors)
• Guidance procedures during the entire process are vital for a successful process 
• Customer oriented approach with regard to flexibility and multiple learning environments

Ms Anni Karttunen, Expert in European Educational Policy
EUedu, Savo Consortium for education - www.sakky.fi 
Link to qualification (Swedish): PDF 

Presentation Anni Karttunen: PDF