Rita Süssmuth: “Adult Education needs an independent global process”



Rita Suessmuth and editor Uwe Gartenschlaeger (LLinE/InfoNet - dvv international)“We see a dominance of cost/benefit calculations that completely loses sight of our starting point: understanding education as a fundamental human right.” We spoke with Professor Dr Rita Süssmuth about her assessment of the debates taking place currently around the globe, and the effects of the CONFINTEA process.

Professor Dr Rita Süssmuth is President of the German Adult Education Association. From 1987 to 2002 she was a member of the German Parliament. 1988 to 1998 she served as President of the German Parliament. In addition, she has been involved in many other fields, particularly in areas such as migration, integration and demographic change. In 1997 she was Chairperson of the UNESCO Conference CONFINTEA V in Hamburg.