Seedling of an Elm


ELMAfter the gods Odin, Vili and Vé had created Earth, they roamed its realms, admiring their handiwork. On a  sea shore they came upon two fallen trees - an ash and an elm. The gods imbued these trees with life and a thirst for knowledge, and so the first man and woman came into being. Out of the ash came a man, whereas woman came from the elm. LLinE+InfoNet=Elm   
New beginnings, thirst for knowledge, growth. The themes in the Norse-Germanic creation myth * retold above seem very fitting for this particular moment in the history of LLinE.
At the end of this month LLinE will be replaced by a new media as a result of our merger with the European correspondent network and media InfoNet. This new media is called Elm, the European Lifelong Learning Magazine.