Spraystory: Connecting WWI and the present with graffiti



EAEA GRUNDTVIG AWARD 2014. EAEA hands out the yearly EAEA Grundtvig Award to a successful European learning partnership. This year's theme for the award was "Remembering World War I for the Future – Adult Education promoting Peace and Cohesion in Europe".

The article series spreads good practices by introducing the nominees of EAEA Grundtvig Award 2014.

"Spraystory" was a project offering graffiti workshops for beginners and people who are already experienced in making spray art. The project aimed at discussing and re-defining the term "WWI" and the remembrance culture of how and where we are reminded of the First World War. The project competed in the category "Adult education projects that promote peace and conflict resolution".

Understanding war through art

After receiving information about WWI and its background the participants learned basic techniques of creating graffiti under the guidance of professionals. The workshops served as an inspiration for the participants to create their own graffiti on the topic of WWI and remembrance culture.

At the beginning of the workshops the participants took a walk in the city of Hannover, particularly in places which were historically relevant, to collect ideas on the topic. Later on, a reflection process about why these places became important and how they can be remembered, took place. The participants decided how and where to create the final graffiti. The whole process was documented through films and photos and will be included in a final publication.

Keeping the history in mind

Spraystory project reached young generation and brought them closer to the European history by building a bridge between WWI and the present with graffiti culture and graffiti art. The participants attended the workshops on graffiti in Hannover in a relaxed manner. Graffiti was designed to provide young people a platform for their thoughts on the topic: "How the First World War should be remembered in the year 2014".

Spraystory project

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