• sustainable development equal opportunities motivation |Norden

    Agenda 2030 and SDGs at the local level - a brief start-up guide

    In the Nordic countries, municipalities are the most local form of official public authority with elected politicians.

  • rural area sustainable development equal opportunities |Norden

    Attractive Rural Municipalities in the Nordic countries

    Jobs, People and Reasons for Success from 14 Case Studies. Nordregio (2020)

  • career guidance education policy lifelong learning |Finland

    Inventory of lifelong guidance systems and practices - Finland

    CareersNet national records. Cedefop (2020)

  • democracy adult learning ICT skills |Norden

    Learning for Everyone in a Digital Society

    NVL presents a new discussion paper on digitalization and learning in a lifelong perspective.

  • basiskompetence IT færdigheder |Norden

    Policy brief. Grundlæggende digitale færdigheder for voksne i de nordiske lande

    De nordiske lande samarbejder om digitalisering med det formål at gøre den nordisk-baltiske region til en mere sammenhængende og

  • basic skills |Norden

    Policy brief. Basic digital skills for adults in the Nordic countries

    The Nordic countries work together on digitalisation. The goal is to turn the Nordic - Baltic region into a coherent and integrated

  • NVL’s Nordisk Netværk for Fængselsundervisning
    fængselsundervisning fjernundervisning livslang læring kompetenceudvikling |Norden

    Nye materialer om anvendelse af IT systemer i fængselsundervisning

    Materialerne består af fem podcasts og videoer om arbejdet med IT-systemer og de indsattes digitaliseringsfærdigheder i åbne og lukkede fængsler.

  • basic skills adult learning competence development |Norden

    Basic digital skills for adults in the Nordic countries

    How can we turn challenges into opportunities?