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  • forskning hållbar utveckling |Norden

    PIAAC challenges Estonia

    Estonian participation in the PIAAC programme put to the test the expertise of the survey’s conductors and the competence of its analysts.

  • |island

    Second Global Report on Adult Learning and Education

    The second Global Report on Adult Learning and Education is based principally on 141 national...

  • |island

    Adult Education for Indigenous Peoples and Minorities: A thematic Review

    lThis publication, based on a workshop held in the context of the CONFINTEA V Midterm Review...

  • sustainable development |in English

    PIAAC results published

    The Survey of Adult Skills, implemented in 24 countries, and the Education and Skills Online Assessment for individuals are part of the package of tools available to support countries develop, implement and evaluate policies that foster both the development of skills and the optimal use of existing skills.

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    Lovregulerede erhverv og velfærdsprofessioner - Tværgående analyse

    NMR 2013