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    NVL is part of TRANSVAL-EU

    TRANSVAL-EU is a new project about validation of transversal skills across Europe

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    Progressing towards an upskilled and reskilled Europe, the UP-AEPRO policy recommendations

    After an enriching two-year journey that gathered more than 200 practitioners all over Europe, the UP-AEPRO partners are ready to launch the UP-AEPRO policy recommendations.

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    National validation network

    – a reality check for EU visions

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    The 3rd Validation of Prior Learning (VPL) Biennale took place in Berlin, Germany, on May 7-8, 2019

    This page presents the key results and links to further material from Biennale.

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    Validation of prior learning in the Nordic region

    – Connecting People and Policies

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    3rd Biennale Validation of Prior Learning (VPL), Berlin, Germany 7 - 8 May 2019

    After Rotterdam (2015) and Aarhus (2017), the 3rd Biennale on the Validation of Prior Learning (VPL) will take place in Berlin, Germany, on May 7 and 8, 2019. Early registration starts in September.

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    Podcast: The state of play for validation

    Jens Bjornavold and Ernesto Villalba talks validation with Johanni Larjanko at the 2nd VPL-Biennale.

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    Liberal adult education certificate as a tool for validation

    The aim of this report and the accompanying recommendations is to improve validation methods in non-formal adult education.

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    Everyone will benefit from better validation policies

    Validation of non-formal and informal learning makes our labour markets more resilient and contributes to the integration of migrants and refugees by valuing the prior knowledge and experiences of people.

  • Deidre and Göran discusses validation in Ireland and Sweden.
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    Strong commitment for validation in Oslo

    A silent white coat of snow fell on Oslo as almost 50 adult education professionals from all over Europe met at the AVA expert seminar on validation at the beginning of February. The goal: an action-plan to make validation of non-formal education a reality.

  • Participants at the AVA expert seminar in Oslo 1-2 February 2016
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    Validation of adult learning is a common concern in Europe

    How can you prove that you have a skill? Can you grade democratic competencies? Validation in non-formal adult learning has been a thorny issue for decades. Now, we might be close to a solution. At least, that seemed to be the implicit message when more than 45 experts from all over Europe met in Oslo for a two-day expert seminar on validation.

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    Folkbildning, key competences and validation

    This report looks at what role Folkbildning has in providing key competences and how this can be validated.

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    European guidelines for validating non-formal and informal learning

    Finally, it is here. This second edition of the European guidelines is the result of a two-year process involving a wide range of stakeholders active in validation at European, national and/or sectoral levels.

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    Validation and the value of competences - Road Map 2018

    The validation network of NVL has compiled the report "Validation and the Value of Competences. Road Map 2018". The report provides a wide overview on current validation issues.

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    Towards an action plan for validation

    How can competences acquired in non-formal adult education and by informal learning be measured? Is it possible to make recommendations and an action plan for validation that would be useful in all EU countries?