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    ICT skills adult learning motivation |Norden

    Digital Collaboration in Adult Education

    NVL shares knowledge and experiences from Nordplus

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    adult learning adult education ICT skills |International

    Online and Blended learning for professionals/adult learners

    Online international conference about digital learning and adult learning processes.

  • Digital participation and digital learning
    distance education ICT skills democracy |Norden

    Digital learning and participation

    Highlights from the NVL network Distans and Nordic cooperation on digital technologies and adult learning

  • democracy adult learning ICT skills |Norden

    Learning for Everyone in a Digital Society

    NVL presents a new discussion paper on digitalization and learning in a lifelong perspective.

  • Taru Kekkonen.
    ICT skills |Finland

    Taru Kekkonen: Digital skills are the basics for today’s civics

    In our series Nordic Profiles we meet Taru Kekkonen from Finland.

  • basic skills ICT skills |Norden

    Ord i Nord

    Report from a Nordplus Adult Collaboration Project 2013-2015.

  • ICT skills |Norden

    Webinar: The power of silent learners in a group

    Have the courage to speak softly, to be yourself a silent learner. Diversity matters.

  • ICT skills |Norden

    NordPlus Adult project “Seniors on-line”

    Presentation of a Nordplus project on seniors and ICT.

  • distance education ICT skills |Norden

    Distans webinar: Communities of Practice

    On September 16 2016 the NVL DISTANS network organised a webinar with Tryggvi Thayer who has led a group of university teachers and practitioners in a very successful project to support Icelandic teachers use of ICT in their teaching.

  • adult learning ICT skills |Norden

    Taru Kekkonen - Distans Network

    "I think that now is the time to learn more together with other networks and from them."
    Taru Kekkonen - Distans Network.

  • ICT skills learning outcomes |Europa

    Open Badges as a validation tool

    We learn everyday, all the time. We can’t help ourselves, it is in our nature. In adult education we separate between formal, non-formal and informal learning. All of us use all three forms. For some reason the learning that takes place in a formal setting has come to be seen as the ”best” form of learning. It is institutionalised and provides the learner with grades or other credentials/certifications at the end of the learning period.

  • democracy ICT skills |Europa

    Digital competence and democracy

    Has become a key competence in our daily life in the Nordic countries. And it is more than that. Digital competence can open roads to more democracy and makes new arenas for active citizenship. In a Nordplus project, Dldact, we have selected many good examples of how people in different countries have taken opportunities of digital tools to involve people in social activities and democratic processes. It is amazing how digital competence generates active citizenship.

  • ICT skills |Sverige


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  • ICT skills distance education |

    Innovation: Social learning with social media

    During the spring of 2011 Distans offered a series of Webinars on the uses of social media in learning and teaching. These webinars touched on current issues connected to what was going on right then, but many of them have wider connotations, so although some technologies may be well known, ideas about how and why to use them are still relevant.