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    Do educational projects have an afterlife?

    A nagging question: Do projects change anything? Do Nordic educational projects have an effect after their funding ends? If so: What lives on? ... and why?

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    Engaging young people in sustainability and the future of education

    NVL has published a new publication about results from Clever Competence, workshop for young adults

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    Validation of Non-formal MOOC-based Learning

    This report presents the outcomes of research, conducted between May 2014 and November 2015, into emerging practices in assessment,

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    Online Guidance for Invisible and Silent learners

    - Skills of a Detective Required?
    The webinar took place on 18 May at 14:00 CET.
    There are most often both active and silent learners in every classroom. Online learning doesn’t make an exception. Anyway, when talking about silent learners online the situation is quite much different from face to face.

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    Open Badges as a validation tool

    We learn everyday, all the time. We can’t help ourselves, it is in our nature. In adult education we separate between formal, non-formal and informal learning. All of us use all three forms. For some reason the learning that takes place in a formal setting has come to be seen as the ”best” form of learning. It is institutionalised and provides the learner with grades or other credentials/certifications at the end of the learning period.

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    Future learning and technology

    Can you imagine a future in which machines can learn? What could it look like? Are machines going to learn with us, are they going to teach us, will they even need us?