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    sustainable development |Norden

    Nordisk Bærekraft - Sharing stories

    Join online 7th of May

  • sustainable development adult learning |Norden

    Nordisk Bærekraft - Stories from the New Nordic Education for Sustainability

    Stories from the New Nordic Education for Sustainability

  • sustainable development adult learning |Danmark

    Nordisk Bærekraft - Network consolidation

    NVLs nettverk for bærekraftig utvikling inviterte til arbeidsseminar i København 12. Oktober.

  • sustainable development higher education |Norden

    Caitlin Wilson - Sustainable Development Network

    "Interaction with others who are working towards the same goals but with different perspectives is probably the greatest source of new ideas I ever experience."
    Caitlin Wilson - Sustainable Development Network.

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    PIAAC results published

    The Survey of Adult Skills, implemented in 24 countries, and the Education and Skills Online Assessment for individuals are part of the package of tools available to support countries develop, implement and evaluate policies that foster both the development of skills and the optimal use of existing skills.